Paleo Liquids

Are you a firm believer that proper roof care is the key to having a hassle-free home? If yes, then you are on the right track; caring for your roof does mean caring for your entire home. However, do not be too paranoid when it comes to your roof; do not resort to changing your shingles immediately when you see signs of deterioration. There is an alternative solution, which is the application of protective liquids.

The most popular of these liquids is roof sealant, which consists of oil treatments. This kind of protective liquid is meant to make wooden roofs more durable. It can be used to cover cracks in shingles, and prevent tiles from cracking.  Additionally, it is also meant to address roofing discoloration problems. Roof sealant can be used to darken new tiles so that they match with old ones. Ideally, sealants should be applied once every three years.

Another kind of protective liquid is the primary coat, which is often associated with asphalt roofs. This liquid is meant to address the problem of cracking asphalt due to over-drying. The primary coat becomes more efficient when combined with another protective liquid, known as the elastomeric coating. The combination of both liquids makes one’s home more energy efficient, since it prevents sunlight penetration.

Another example is liquid rubber, which is made from old tires. This kind of protective liquid is applied to the weak areas roofing Lincoln Nebraska homes have, such as the parts near the chimney and vents, to prevent leaks.

Liquid rubber can also be used to seal tile cracks.


Another kind of protective liquid is acrylic emulsion, which is often applied to the membrane of the roofing Lincoln Nebraska homes have. This is the most useful kind of protection since it has anti-microbial properties and UV protection. The former prevents the buildup of bacteria, mold and mildew in between shingles. And, the latter protects your home more from the sun.


Make sure that you consult a contractor before applying any of the protective liquids roofing Lincoln Nebraska stores sell. Remember that most liquids are only good for specific materials. Furthermore, remember that these products only slow down deterioration; you still need to replace your shingles or tiles in the future.