Paleo Diet Weight Loss 2014


If you are considering following the Paleo diet then you need to sit down and get comfortable as this article will explain how the Paleo diet originated, what type of foods the Paleo diet recommends and at last what health improvements the Paleo diet will provide for you.

For starters, the Paleo was first popularized in the mid 1970’s as it was realized that the caveman who lived over 10,000 years ago was a physically fit being who had tremendous strength and energy. The caveman would walk on average 12 miles a day and did not worry about obesity. The caveman’s health was great as they had a strong immune system that was fueled by the foods they ate.

Now some may think that the caveman was not overweight because there was little food available. This was not the case as there was large supply of foods at the time. Many wild animals were plentiful and the caveman was a skilled hunter. Fruits and vegetables grew wild along with nuts and berries. You see there was plenty of food the key is these foods were all natural and healthy foods not treated with preservative to prolong shelf life.

This is the philosophy behind the Paleo diet as the diet tries to replicate the healthy status that the caveman once had. Now the foods consumed on the caveman diet are not that different some many of the foods we see today. What are different is meals are prepared fresh and you do NOT eat processed foods filled with preservatives nor do you eat fatty fast foods.

Here are some of the foods used in Paleo diet recipes. Meats and fish that include flank steak, chicken breast, lean beef, top sirloin and many similar types of meats. Now what may be different is you do not use the additives that are so common. Things like salts and refined sugars are to be avoided.

Many fruits and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, celery, oranges, and strawberries are very common. Nuts are also common such as walnuts, cashews, pine nuts and pecans. You will need to avoid such habitual items as coffee, soda, alcohol and many dairy products. When is comes to beverages be prepared to drink lots of water and tea.

Now, what are the advantages of following the Paleo diet? Well you will lose weight once you start routinely eating Paleo diet meals. The weight loss will be safe and natural. As you are losing weight you will notice an increase of energy, many claim to have clearer skin and a greater sex drive. The meals from Paleo diet recipes do take some time to prepare and some people do feel hungry often at first but there are many things to snack on between meals like nuts and fruits.

It is believed that eating Paleo diet meals will promote greater health as consuming natural foods free from preservatives shall lower the chances of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and colon cancer.

In conclusion I feel that the Paleo diet is a worthy diet as it contains meals composed all all the major foods groups. You will get an equal balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats from Paleo diet foods. This is not a starvation diet where just eat one particular food item for weeks end to lose weight. The Paleo diet weight loss is healthy weight loss and as long as you keep eating natural foods the lost weight rarely will come back.